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Il fondo per le tecnologie si fa garante dei mutui accordati a imprese svizzere i cui prodotti innovativi consentono una riduzione durevole delle emissioni di gas serra.



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Eaternity made Swiss-French national television yesterday, thanks to our incredible Camille 🙌……

Wow, @eaternity ist grad medienmässig (und klimafreundlich) auf der Überholspur...! Wir wünschen unserer Portfoliof……

10 Jahre Aufbauarbeit und nun gehen die ersten frischen Riesen-Crevetten aus der Schweiz über den Ladentisch. Der……

Prossimi eventi

MIT StartLabs & ETH EC Event (Evening)

25.03.2019  |  17.00 - 19.00

Westhive, ZĂĽrich

MIT StartLabs present Idea Factory, a new initiative designed to connect the MIT startup ecosystem with those around the world.

This year, the inaugural Idea Factory, will be an open ideation session in Zurich in partnership with ETH Entrepreneurship Club.

Participants will ideate solutions to pressing problems on the forefront of innovation, presented by established Swiss companies and venture incubators today.

Students from MIT, ETH, the greater Zurich area and industry professionals will come together to form teams. Comparing perspectives on technological advances and approaches towards entrepreneurship, members will build long-lasting relationships and explore how cultural context shapes and evolves innovation.


Criterion - Nachhaltigkeitsfestival

28.03.2019  |  10.00 - 18.00

Messe, ZĂĽrich

SEF4KMU Networking Lunch

29.03.2019  |  12.00 - 14.00

Giesserei, ZĂĽrich


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